phpMyAdmin now Available

As of October, 19, 2011, phpMyAdmin has been made available at pma. You should be promted for your database username and password to login.

MySql Info

A MySql database has been made for each login such that only that login and the instructor for the course hase access to that database, i.e. the xxx1234 database is only accessible to the user xxx1234 and the instructor for that course.

To access MySql a user would ssh into and issue the following command:

mysql -u login -p

where login is the login Id (example: xxx1234)

The user will be prompted for their password (currently set to your student ID number)

To change the password for the MySql login a user can issue the following command (please change your password to something secure):

mysqladmin -u login -p password newpassword

where login is the login id (example: xxx1234)

-p password (literally -p password)

newpassword is the new password the user wants(the user will be prompted for their old password)

Another way (probably the better way) to set your password is to log into MySql (mysql -u login -p) and issue the following command:

set password = password('newpassword');

Users should also be able to access their MySql database instance using perl or php scripts.

Here is an example connection string to connect to the MySql Version 5.0.x database using php. (Substitute your MySql username and password)

mysql_connect("localhost:3306", "username", "password") or die(mysql_error());

Last Update: October 19, 2011
By: TH