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We warmly welcome all youngsters from middle school, high school and college. We particularly seek those students who, of their own volition desire to broaden/widen and deepen their understanding of Mathematics. The Flint Math Circle is not for half hearted who at school just want to pass the subject. It is designed to be a platform where youngsters interested in Mathematics can make new connections with other youngsters and also importantly make connections with great mathematicians who may even become their mentors and advisors later in college and graduate school. In fact, the Flint Math Circle ultimately intends to introduce a novel concept of pre-college mathematical research. Clearly, this requires a deeply rooted interest in subject. We recognize that there are some youngsters out there who have not been "A" students in Mathematics, but who are gifted potential mathematicians just needing a well thought out environment to help unleash their mathematical genius. With that said, even if you have not been an A student in Math but know deep down that you would enjoy penetrating the soul of math, you are the kind of youngster that would greatly benefit from the sessions at the Flint Math Circle. Do not delay, come and join us.


Our membership is free. The spirit that moves all math circles around the world is that of practicing  mathematicians who so love Mathematics that they are willing to share the joy of its exploration at no cost with all those who so desire. The Flint Math Circle is no exception. In fact, from the very moment the founder of the Flint Math Circle mentioned the idea to his colleagues, many of them - full professors of Mathematics - gladly offered to lead some sessions. Come join us at the Flint Math Circle every Thursday from 4 pm to 6pm, in room 2-225 of the academic building of Kettering University. If your family finds value in your participation and wishes to support the math Circle initiative, they can donate money to help fund some of our activities.

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Please download this registration form, then fill it and email it, fax it or snail mail it to us. Then join us on Thursdays, from 4-6pm as we navigate the fascinating world of Mathematical Sciences. We look forward to enjoying Math with you.

"Mathematics compares the most diverse phenomena and discovers the secret analogies that unite them."  Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768-1830)

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