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Welcome to the Flint Math Circle! The Flint Math Circle is dedicated to

Inspiring and leading the formation within the greater Flint area of a network of youngsters dedicated to the exploration of the breadth and depth of mathematical sciences and the promotion of excellence and creativity in all areas of mathematics. Ultimately, the most active members of the Flint Math Circle will become role models and inspire the revival of mathematics in schools throughout the greater Flint area.

"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life it." John von Neumann
Philosophy Theme of the week

If you have ever wanted to spend afternoons with friends discussing cool and challenging mathematical questions, then join us on Thursdays afternoons from 4:00-6:00pm at the Flint Math Circle. We encourage our members to explore, to have fun, to go as deep into reasoning as they can, to allow themselves to make mistakes, to celebrate their mistakes when they arise, and ultimately to arrive at their own Eureka - even if their findings coincide with the realizations of others who came before them. We believe that true fascination with Mathematics and its applications is a sacred gift of heaven that no human instrument - however well thought-out and designed - can measure. We therefore discourage and de-motivate any form of competition and instead strongly encourage cooperative exploration. We deeply and strongly believe that those genuinely interested in  the exploration of Mathematics do so for the pure joy of it, a joy that can only be maculated and lessened by ego-driven comparisons to others.

This week, we will be exploring the exciting mathematics field of combinatorics. We will cover some of the  most basic rules that allow one to count without actually enumerating, and we will touch on such varied applications as:
  1. Figuring out the odds of Winning the jackpot at the Michigan Classic Lotto 47.

  2. Solving the famous birthday problem.

  3. Computing complicated probabilities without having to enumerate all the events

  4. And many more....

Our presenter this week is Dr Ernest Fokoue, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Kettering University.


Note: Do not forget your notebooks & pencils. Refreshments will be served

"It is not certain that everything is uncertain." Blaise Pascal